Datalynx is an Australian vendor of world-class enterprise data management software. Established in 2005 as a specialist data management solutions provider, Datalynx's track record of successfully delivering complex, large-scale data related projects for government and private sector clients is outstanding.

Datalynx's significant and ongoing R&D program has produced the Datalynx Data Management Suite (DMS), the world's most versatile data management solutions platform. In parallel, Datalynx has developed a unique set of proven risk management and project guidance methodologies.

Our business roadmap focuses on the continued development of the highly successful DMS platform, addition of new enterprise-grade specific-purpose solutions and supporting our growing global partner network of Cloud platform providers, top-tier system integrators and implementation partners.

Corporate Office:

Datalynx Pty Ltd
L8, 15 Castlereagh St
Sydney, NSW, 2000