DMS Phoenix

Leading Technology Rapidly Modernises Data in Legacy Platforms

DMS Phoenix delivers cost-effective data modernisation capabilities for transitioning any legacy data to the latest cloud-based technologies. Phoenix incorporates options for recordkeeping compliance, historical reporting, as well as modern data querying and analytics.

Combining extensive automation and inbuilt IP with Datalynx’s proven methodology, Phoenix uniquely retains your data’s business context, while allowing you to retire entire legacy platforms to realise significant cost savings and risk reduction.


Complete Data Modernisation solution

DMS Phoenix accesses the full set of capabilities provided by the Datalynx DMS platform to support an end-to-end legacy data platform modernisation process to the Cloud of the client’s choice.
This includes:

  1. Integration with a broad range of legacy datasets (databases and files) that are associated with virtually any application (HR, Finance, CRM, Health etc.)
  2. Interrogation and extraction of legacy metadata
  3. Ability to query and source data from databases and structured file types
  4. Transformation to standard data formats for loading to Cloud
  5. Extraction of attachments (within databases and in file stores)
  6. Creation of compliant standard format data preservation copies and archives
  7. Analysis of business to technical data relationships
  8. Data transformation to a business data model
  9. Creation of reporting datasets


Outstanding Outcomes for Business

At the conclusion of the migration with DMS Phoenix, the client has addressed their data compliance requirements and can continue to query and report from their new dataset, without the need to maintain their legacy application.
Phoenix is the leading solution for cost-effectively addressing all the key requirements of Legacy Data Modernisation, including risk reduction, compliance, cost-savings and ongoing legacy data access.


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