DMS Data Xplorer

Enterprise Software for Data Analysis, Validation, Quality Review & Reporting

Data Xplorer is a core technology of the Datalynx DMS platform. It integrates with a broad range of databases and file types to interrogate data / metadata and provide the insights needed to de-risk and successfully undertake complex data-related projects.

With advanced features such as job scheduling, access control, query generation and integration with DMS Security Manager, Data Xplorer is a key component of virtually every DMS solution.


What Can Data Xplorer Do For You?


Data Xplorer is integrated into Datalynx’s DMS data solutions platform and is also available as a stand-alone product to support a specific business need or a broad range of data management requirements. It can be deployed in the Cloud, on-premises and in hybrid environments where it can be operated on demand, as well as performing independent functions such as automated data quality monitoring and reporting.

Data Xplorer can be used to configure repeatable / reusable solutions that serve the needs of data services providers and their clients.


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