DMS Data Quality

Project-based data cleansing and operational data quality management

The Datalynx DMS Data Quality Hub is the ultimate software solution for establishing and maintaining data quality.

Supporting project-based data cleansing / remediation initiatives, as well as highly automated operational and analytics-related data quality management, the DMS Data Quality Hub can be deployed in conventional, cloud and hybrid environments.


Issue identification and tracking

Datalynx DMS Data Quality Hub incorporates comprehensive data analysis / data profiling capabilities, providing deep insights into your data and enabling you to quickly determine if it is “fit for purpose” or requires remediation. Issues are captured and tracked via detailed Data Quality tracking reports that provide management dashboards, as well as drill-down capabilities to identify specific records / transactions.

Incorporating statistical data analysis, pre-built profiling functions, the ability to easily add custom functions, as well as ongoing monitoring & reporting, no other technology drives sustainable data quality across the whole organisation.


Data remediation and quality enhancement

With an extensive library of “out of the box” features and a highly configurable cleansing / data processing rules engine, the DMS provides unparalleled flexibility and transparency, supporting re-use and refinement of existing validation and cleansing business rules, addition of new rules and the ability to easily accommodate changes in the datasets under management.

Data cleansing via a DMS data Quality Hub is an agile, iterative process. Data is profiled to identify issues, cleansing rules are defined and applied to rectify the issues. Post-cleansing profiling identifies any issues that were not addressed by the existing cleansing rules, which can then be refined and re-run to address the remaining problems.


Sustainable data quality

Establishing and maintaining quality data to support business operations and decision support is not a one-time exercise. Data Quality can degrade over time as new data is ingested into systems and analytics platforms, or system interfaces fail to prevent data operations that do not comply with business policies.

The DMS Data Quality Hub provides the ability to automatically monitor data quality against business policies, system rules other business-defined criteria and report issues as they arise. Optional automated cleansing can be applied, of problematic data flagged for business review and remediation decisions.

Contact Datalynx to learn more about the Datalynx DMS Data Quality Hub and how it can address project-based needs, as well as support your enterprise data governance program.


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