Maintain the Privacy of
your Personal Information

Intelligent data masking solution for data privacy

Over 120 countries have implemented laws for data privacy and protection. Specific legislation includes GDPR (EU), CCPA and other State Laws (US), DPA (UK) and the Privacy Act (AU).

The penalties for non-compliance are significant and the damage to business reputation, as well as the erosion of customer confidence can take years to repair.

Datalynx helps organisations meet their information privacy obligations.


Data privacy support for compliant business operations


Datalynx DMS DataMask obfuscates personally identifiable information (PII) as required, using meaningful data that hides a subject’s true identity.

You can now easily produce masked copies of production datasets comprising realistic data that maintains all the pre-existing relationships, within a single application database, as well as across multiple independent systems.

DMS DataMask supports many common business activities for which information privacy is relevant, such as application development, testing, outsourced analytics, research, statistical analysis and reporting.

Data masking can be combined with DMS Data Encryption for a comprehensive information privacy solution.


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