Data Platform Modernisation & Legacy System Retirement

Phoenix mig

Extend the usability and business value of your critical legacy data assets

Every large enterprise and government agency maintains legacy platforms that house data of ongoing business value. As they age, these systems represent a source of risk and significant operational and maintenance costs.

Datalynx’s award-winning DMS Phoenix platform enables you to secure your data on modern Cloud technologies, ensuring compliance with recordkeeping obligations, while providing the ability to interrogate and report from these datasets without the need to retain the legacy platform.


Why do Organisations Modernise Legacy Data Platforms?

Organisations modernise Legacy Data Platforms in order to safeguard and continue to utilise their historical data. The primary business drivers and use cases include:

Business Benefits of DMS Phoenix

Datalynx DMS Phoenix is the only solution that cost-effectively addresses all the key requirements for maintaining historical data via a highly-automated approach that can be applied across all your legacy systems.

Embarking on Your Data Platform Modernisation Journey

Datalynx can help you modernise your legacy data platforms via a program of work that minimises business disruption and eliminates risk. Our legacy data platform assessment service informs the scope and work required to undertake any modernisation project.

To experience the benefits of modernisation with DMS Phoenix, Datalynx can work with you to scope a Proof of Concept as a precursor to a broader initiative.


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