Data Migration with DMS Migration Hub

Undertaking digital transformation or application modernisation?

Data migration from legacy applications and platforms to new technologies is an integral component of a business modernisation and improvement program.

The Datalynx DMS Data Migration Hub provides implementation partners and clients with significantly enhanced data migration capabilities that minimise business disruption and reduce the cost and risk associated with alternative options.


Expertise Born of Experience

Legacy modernisation and new system implementation initiatives in complex business environments can typically encounter a range of challenges. These can include understanding the context of historical data, consolidating multiple legacy datasets and creating a single “source of truth”, remediating poor data quality and providing process transparency for business assurance.

Datalynx understands and addresses these business challenges and more, via a combination of world-class technology, proven methodologies & approaches and unparalleled expertise.


Datalynx Technology

A Datalynx DMS Data Migration Hub provides sophisticated “out-of-the-box” capabilities that overcome the obstacles to success on data migration projects. Fully integrated into the Datalynx DMS platform, a Migration Hub incorporates data profiling, data consolidation, data quality management and MDM, as well as optional data masking and data archiving. All processing activities are logged and reported by the DMS’ comprehensive reporting framework.


PCTM Methodology

Datalynx’s PCTM is a proven risk management and migration project guidance methodology. Refined over the course of many complex, large-scale migration projects, PCTM has been shown to help delivery teams systematically navigate a path to success.


Specialist Expertise

Contact Datalynx to learn more about the Datalynx DMS Data Migration Hub and why it is being adopted by many of the world’s premier solution providers.


Datalynx data migration hub
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