About us

We are Datalynx

Building unique business solutions on exceptional data management software technology

Datalynx is an Australian vendor of world-class enterprise data management software.

Our track record spans two decades of successfully delivering solutions that meet the needs of government and private sector clients undertaking complex, large-scale data projects.

With a growing global network of partners, Datalynx technology and solutions are now being deployed across most geographies, supported by Datalynx’s Australian and offshore teams of specialists providing services in various time zones.

Datalynx’s significant and ongoing R&D program continues to produce world-first solutions that operate across Cloud, hybrid and conventional environments.


Innovation is at our core

Datalynx has focused on delivering innovation for solving data management challenges right from it’s inception. The Datalynx DMS is an “all-in-one” data solutions platform that encompasses the capabilities that other vendors typically offer via numerous independent products.
DMS offers outstanding productivity features such as code-free configuration, platform-specific accelerators, inbuilt IP for a range of sophisticated solutions and a seamless environment for operating our prebuilt solutions, or creating new solutions that cater to very specific requirements.

In parallel, Datalynx has developed a unique set of proven risk management and project guidance methodologies.


The future is exciting!

Our business roadmap focuses on the continued development of the highly successful DMS platform, addition of new enterprise-grade specific-purpose solutions and supporting our growing global partner network of Cloud platform providers, top-tier system integrators and implementation partners.

Datalynx is engaged with a number of the world’s largest technology vendors in a collaboration program to to bring world-first solutions to market, such as technology to accelerate the transition of extremely large datasets to standard cloud platforms to support preservation for compliance, enhance data security and increase data utility.