BI, Analytics and Reporting

Business Intelligence solutions based on quality data for reliable results

An effective analytics and reporting capability is very much about getting “quality data” building blocks in place.
Never has the term “garbage in garbage out” (GIGO) been so relevant as when applied to analytics and reporting based on data that is not fit for purpose.
Datalynx’s end-to-end BI, Analytics and Reporting solutions ensure the data used for organisational management and decision support delivers information you can trust.


Rapidly deploy comprehensive, scalable solutions

The Datalynx DMS has been proven across the spectrum of BI / Data Warehouse deployments, ranging from 2-3 up to 50+ input sources that are ingested at varying frequencies. The DMS rules-processing engine is integral to controlling data acceptance and processing to maintain the integrity of the analytics platform.
Complex integrations are easily managed by the DMS inbuilt features, which support rapid, codeless configuration of:

  • Data extraction
  • Source data validation and detailed quality / exception reporting
  • Consolidation of multiple data sources
  • Rules-based data cleansing and standardisation
  • Visual data-mapping and the ability to apply comprehensive transformations
  • Analytics Master Data Management
  • Data Masking for maintaining data privacy
  • Creation and loading of dimensional data models
  • Metadata Management / data lineage
  • Output in various formats for data visualisation by common dashboard / reporting tools.


Solutions for any environment and dataset

Datalynx DMS BI, Analytics and Reporting solutions can be deployed in Cloud, hybrid and conventional (on-premises) environments. They work with data in live (operational) systems, legacy datasets and combinations of both to provide all the flexibility needed in modern business environments.


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